Over the course of the last year, Oklahoma has been implementing a state seed-to-sale tracking system known as METRC. What does that mean for Dispensaries? If your team has participated in any training or webinars explaining the METRC implementation,  you may have noticed a lot is Grow/Producer/Processor/Transporter Specific. As a Cultivera POS user here is what you need to know. It is very important to follow the instructions as much as possible to ensure the smoothest onboarding process to METRC. 

The deadline for training and migration is 5/26/2022, OMMA will be providing additional details as well as training as the time gets closer. Please initiate the following steps if you have not already. 

  1. METRC TRAINING: by far the most important step to complete very quickly, is to complete training for your dispensary. Click here to schedule the METRC training that is required by OMMA. Please do this ASAP if you have not already done so. 

Additional information regarding METRC can be found at the following links:

What is METRC?

How to sign up for METRC Training

Log into METRC

  1. When at least one business owner or designated manager completes the new business training course, the business owner MUST send an email to support@metrc.com requesting log-in credentials. The e-mail MUST contain the following:
    1. Subject Line: "Requesting OK Credentials”
    2. Body of Email: In the body of the e-mail, please include:
    3. Your full name
    4. Your OK Medical Marijuana License Number
    5. The name of your business and DBA if applicable
    6. The best phone number to reach you at
    7. The email address where you’d like your “Welcome to Metrc” email to be sent
    8. Your information will be reviewed within 48 hours, or by the following Monday if you’ve sent the information in on a Friday. You will then receive a "Welcome to Metrc" email. You MUST LOGIN WITHIN 24 HOURS of receiving the email.
  2. Ordering TAGS: METRC is asking to allow for up to ten days for tags to arrive. Please plan accordingly. Steps to order tags as follows.
    1. Clean up your product data in Cultivera. We highly recommend removing any duplicate product names, products you no longer carry and doing an inventory audit over the course of the month. This will not only help with how many tags you should purchase but what data is onboarded into METRC by Cultivera. 
    2. Dispensaries will only be required to purchase package tags. Metrc package tags are stickers with a unique 24-digit that are required for all products currently in your inventory. METRC tags are custom printed for each facility: Tags must be ordered for each individual license. When you order your tags, make sure that orders are placed for the correct facility along with the correct amount and type of cannabis product. NON-CANNABIS ITEMS DO NOT REQUIRE TAGS including federally legal CBD products
      1. Determine the total number of package tags that you need based on your current inventory. You will need to have one package tag for every cannabis product in your inventory. This includes edibles, concentrates, drinks, clones, and seeds.
      2. To easily identify how many tags you will need to purchase, first export your current inventory from Cultivera in the back office. (Inventory Management>Inventories>Export to excel, sort sheet by product name, completely exclude non cannabis items) 
      3. For edibles, vape cartridges, or other infused products, you will need a tag for each variety (strain, package size counts) of the product that you have. For example: if you have three boxes of the same individually packaged gummies, you can order a single package tag for all 3 boxes. They are the same product. 
      4. For bulk flower, you will only need one package tag for each product and strain that you carry. For example, if you have one pound of Blue Dream on the sales floor and 1 pound of Blue Dream in your incoming orders room, the same package tag can be used for the same product in two different storage locations.
      1. Determine the total number of package tags that you need to order. Multiply the total number of products requiring package tags by 1.3. This gives you an extra 30% to allow for a buffer and for more products that you may want to add later. We highly recommend over-purchasing tags at the start of the METRC transition to minimize tag availability. 
      2. To order, Log in to Metrc.
      3. Under the Admin tab, click Tag Orders, and then select New Tag Order.
      4. Complete the New Tag Order form.
      5. Once your tags have shipped, a Receive button displays in the Tag Orders area of Metrc. 
      6. When your tags arrive, log in to Metrc and select the Receive button for the order to populate the tags in the system.
      7. After clicking Receive, a confirmation window appears, prompting you to confirm the receipt of your tag order.

Cultivera Onboarding process: 

Once the above steps are completed by your management team, Cultivera POS will be scheduling METRC onboarding for the week 5/23-5/27. The process will happen after store hours unless there is a day of the week your dispensary happens to not be open. We will take the necessary product data and import them into METRC in the form of a transfer. We will reach out once this process is complete and you MUST log in to your METRC account to accept the transfer. Tags will get allocated and you will notify us immediately after you accept the transfer for us to complete the integration. 

Please be advised if you move forward entering product and strain data into METRC that you may experience unwanted duplications. We highly recommend allowing us to onboard your products for you. 

METRC Deadlines Dispensaries:

Like all commercial licensees, dispensaries must be fully Metrc-compliant by May 26. 

Dispensaries have through Aug. 24 to sell or legally dispose of untagged items that were in the dispensary’s inventory on May 26. Dispensaries may not buy new untagged inventory after May 26. ***(Once Cultivera Onboards your Dispensary all products will be tagged)

We recommend making arrangements before METRC onboarding to dispose of any “waste” in your system. Transporters may transport a dispensary's untagged inventory to waste disposal facilities, and waste disposal facilities can legally dispose of the untagged inventory. The untagged inventory must be picked up, or have arrangements made for it to be picked up, on or before Aug. 24.

You can conduct untagged sales from May 27 through Aug. 24 using Metrc's external transfer function. See the Beginning Inventory Guide for details. Untagged sales will need to be accounted for as described in the Monthly Reporting section.

If your dispensary purchased a Metrc-tagged product that was tested "outside" of Metrc, which means the lab did not input the results directly into Metrc, there is no deadline to sell it as long as the lab entered information into Metrc's "Notes" section about the testing laboratory, the sample number, and the tests passed. Once a Metrc-tagged package has been transferred or sold to a dispensary, it does not need to be tested again as long as that information is in the notes.

Cultivera user guide for transfers, production runs, inventory adjustments, product adjustments, and sales reporting will be sent to every user’s inbox next week. Please reach out with any questions you may have throughout this process. We will also have updates on our Online Update and Support Portal becoming available throughout the month. 

Cultivera has participated in many METRC implementations and would like to remind our clients that even though the state has set deadlines for implementations we do expect support for METRC and OMMA will not be addressed in a timely manner. If you are having any difficulties scheduling training click here for assistance. If you are behind on any of these steps and do not feel you will be able to complete the requirements by the 26th, do not fret. We will continue to onboard dispensaries as they become ready.

Thank you for reviewing and we look forward to assisting you with smooth integration with the Oklahoma METRC state tracking system. 

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