METRC POS Onboarding steps -update 5/20

METRC POS Onboarding Update

Cultivera POS users will be allowed to schedule METRC onboardings starting May 23, 2022. 

Before beginning the METRC validation process you will need to complete a full physical audit of your inventory.

All data validated will appear in METRC, the best practice is to perform a full audit of the physical inventory on hand and make sure it matches what is showing in Cultivera as close as possible to the onboarding date of your choosing

Make sure your METRC UID tags have been ordered and delivered, and digitally received in METRC. Please navigate to the article Metrc: Ordering & Receiving UID Tags for more information on that process. We have also outlined any additional steps to be completed before you schedule POS METRC onboarding, click here to view those steps. 

Once you have completed the steps required to initiate onboarding scheduling please reach out to or subject line “METRC POS ONBOARDING”. All onboarding will be conducted after hours, and the shop must be closed and done with transactional and reporting needs for the day. Multiple location groups plan to migrate all locations in their Cultivera database together. 

Required information to reserve METRC onboarding date.

  1. Dispensary’s licensed name and licensed number 
  2. METRC API key
  3. Accurate active inventory in Cultivera (please review any product data in Cultivera. METRC training outlines product details, please refer to the training if necessary)
  4. Optional: METRC log in credentials
***We require your participation to complete this process after hours. If you include your METRC log-in credentials with your scheduling submission we can complete the entire onboarding process for you. If you do not submit your credentials you must make arrangements to be available to accept the Cultivera Transfer, allocate tags, and notify us once this has been completed to allow us to sync everything back down to your POS system. If you do not participate in this completion you are going to have access to your Cultivera POS in the morning. 

We will be releasing the METRC compatible database for all OK Cultivera POS systems Sunday night. This DOES NOT mean your system is synced to METRC. Your POS system will only talk to your METRC account after onboarding. 

We create the following items in your METRC account based on the data in your POS system. 





METRC workflow training will start to become available Monday 5/23. We are happy to schedule any additional training you or your team may need after you have completed onboarding to METRC. METRC steps will be outlined and available at METRC WORK FLOWS as well as OK State Compliance POS for reference at your convenience. 

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