QA Sample - How To Manifest QA Samples To Testing Lab

QA Sample - How To Manifest Samples To A Testing Lab

When you have products that are ready for testing (following a harvest or production run), it's likely that you'll need to send samples to a testing facility. Follow these steps to Manifest, Print, and Release QA Samples for laboratory testing.

These instructions are for a "stand-alone" environment where you are not connected to a state traceability system. Oklahoma METRC users will need to transfer lab samples directly in METRC, per the OMMA. Please click this link for the Oklahoma testing workflow.

Manifesting QA Samples

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > QA Sample, where you'll see a list of QA Samples that have already been taken.
    If you still need to sample your production or harvest batch please see this article.
  1. If you wish to transfer multiple samples to the same laboratory on the same manifest, check the boxes next to the samples and click "Manifest Selected".
    If you wish to transfer a singular sample to a lab, click the blue "Manifest" button to the right of the sample you intend on transferring.
  1. On the following screen, indicate whether the samples will be delivered, picked up, or transported via 3rd-party delivery, and the estimated departure/arrival dates and times
  2. Select a driver, pickup driver, or 3rd-party delivery agent, and Click "Save & Manifest".
  1. Click "Save & Manifest" again on the resulting pop-up window.
  1. Click "OK" in the next pop-up window to confirm success.

Printing A QA Sample Manifest

To preview and print the manifest:

  1. Click the PDF icon to the right of the manifest in the QA Sample > Manifest screen.
    Note: Use the filters near the top of the page to filter by barcode, laboratory, departure, and/or arrival date.
  2. This will open the PDF manifest to preview or print.

Releasing A QA Sample Manifest

To release a QA Sample Manifest and initiate the transfer:

  1. Click the teal "Release" button, to the right of the manifest in the QA Sample > Manifest screen, to navigate to the final release screen.
  1. Click the green "Release" button to release the manifest and initiate the transfer to the lab.
  1. Click the final grey "Release" button on the following pop-up window to confirm the release.

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