Account Management - Assigning Accounts

Assigning Accounts in Account Management

The Account Management page in the Configuration module is where you can manage the assignment of clients to your salespeople.

A list of all the users in your system is shown here regardless of role designation. You can click on any salesperson's name to view a list of their assigned accounts.

Managing Accounts

Selecting the “+ Add New Sales Person” button allows you to create a new user, much like you would from the Configuration > Users page.

manage accounts screenshot

When viewing a salesperson’s assigned accounts, you will see each client’s license number, UBI, phone number, and the user that performed the assignment.

You can easily remove an account from a user by clicking the “X Unassign” button, or add a new company to their roster with the “+ New Assignment” button.

accounts page screenshot

Clients can be filtered easily by typing in the name, license number, UBI, phone, or city of an account. Then click the checkbox next to a client to include them. You can check as many or as few as desired, then click✓ Assign” to complete.

new assignment options

You will then be returned to the salesperson’s managed accounts page to view the new assignments alongside the rest of their designated clients. The user will also see them under Sales > Accounts when “My Accounts” is enabled.

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