Statuses - Working With Account Statuses

Working With Account Statuses

Account Statuses are labels that can be assigned to the “Workflow Status” field in the Account Details area. These statuses are customizable and can be used to filter Accounts.

Client statuses list screenshot

You can also disable statuses to prevent them from being used with new Accounts, although this will not remove the status from clients that are already assigned to.

Adding A New Account Status

To add a new status:

  1. Start by clicking the "Add New Status” button.
  2. Enter a name and description for your status.
  3. Click the “Createbutton to save.
New status popup options

Assigning A Client Status

A status can be assigned to the “Workflow Status” field, which can be accessed by right-clicking an Account and choosing “Edit Account”.

To assign a status:

  1. Navigate to Sales > Accounts.
  2. Click an account name
  3. Click the “Update Client Infobutton at the bottom left.
  4. Select the status from the “Workflow Status” drop-down menu.
Edit Account details options

The selected status will be displayed in a grey label beneath the company’s name in the main Accounts view. 

example of account details with client status tags

You will also be able to filter by the “All Account Statuses” dropdown field at the top of the Accounts screen.

filtering by account status in Sales module

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