Client Note Attributes - "Customizing Client Note Attributes (checkboxes)"

Customizing Client Note Attributes (checkboxes)

Client Note Attributes are checkable items used to classify a note when adding it to an account.

Adding New Notes

Notes can be added from Sales > Accounts:

  1. Click the “Post-It note” icon in the “Last Contacted” field, or right-click on an account name and select Notes:
example of account details with Notes option in popup menu
  1. Then you can enter your note in the provided field, and select any relevant "Client Note Attribute" check boxes.
  2. Select "+add note" to finish.

There are a few Client Note Attributes check boxes available by default such as “Sent Samples”, “Emailed”, “Left Voicemail”, etc. but you can add as many as you’d like and select which are visible by going to Configuration > Client Note Attributes:

client note attributions list

Attributes can also be disabled, edited, or deleted using the buttons on the far right:

examples of Disable, Edit, and Delete buttons

Adding New Attributes

To add a new custom Note Attribute...

  1. Click the “+ Add New Attribute” button.
  2. You will see a popup menu where you can fill in the Attribute name, activation status, and whether selecting the attribute requires contact with a client.
  3. Once you have filed in your choices clickUpdate” to save.
add attribute options popup

Once created and marked active, these attributes will be available and selectable when adding a note to any account.

example of Note Attributes

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