PRO: QuickBooks Online Setting

QuickBooks Online Setting

Cultivera has a one-way integration with QuickBooks Online, allowing you to export invoices directly from Cultivera to QuickBooks at the click of a button. Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up your QuickBooks Online integration.

Setting Up QuickBooks Online Integration

  1. The first step in setting up this integration is to log in to QuickBooks from the Configuration > QuickBooks Setting page:
Cultivera Pro QuickBooks Setting page with connect buttons highlighted
  1. Once this is complete, contact Cultivera Support ( to finalize the QuickBooks integration.

Once connected, you are able to disconnect from QuickBooks any time by clicking “Disconnect from QuickBooks”:

Cultivera PRO QuickBooks Online integration page, with Disconnect button highlighted
In Metrc and Standalone systems, there is a “Sync my QuickBooks Online” button on this page which assists our Support Team with adding any new GL Accounts, Clients, Products, etc. from QBO. Pictured below.
Cultivera PRO QuickBooks Online integration page with Sync button highlighted

Notes On QuickBooks Online Integrations

A couple of things to note about the QuickBooks integration: 

  1. Cultivera exports released orders into QBO as invoices, and can only export an order once.
  2. The data points that get imported with these files are: client account, product (item) names, prices, quantities, income and AR accounts. 
  3. If the client on an order is already created in QuickBooks (names must match exactly) then the invoice will automatically map to that account. The client name in Cultivera must exactly match the client name in QuickBooks. Otherwise, QuickBooks will assume the client does not yet exist in QuickBooks, and the integration will auto-create the account and assign to the invoice. 
  4. The same concept applies to the products on the order - if they exist already in QB they get mapped, if not then they'll be auto-created upon import.

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