PRO: Export Order to QuickBooks Online

Exporting Order to QuickBooks Online

If you’ve set up the QuickBooks Online integration, you are able to export an order’s Invoice directly to QuickBooks Online with the click of a button.

To set up the QuickBooks Online integration, please contact (see related articles: “Configuration > QuickBooks Setting”, “Configuration > QuickBooks Chart of Accounts”).

To Export An Invoice

  1. To export an invoice, first, Navigate to the Fulfillment > Orders page
Cultivera PRO fulfillment page
  1. Uncheck the “Hide Released” checkbox.
Cultivera PRO Fulfillment page with "Hide Released" highlighted
Note: An Invoice can only be exported to QuickBooks Online after the corresponding order has been released.
  1. Click on the Order # you’d like to export.
  2. At the top of the screen, Click the green “Export to QuickBooks Online” button.
Cultivera PRO Invoice example

To Export to QuickBooks Online for multiple orders at once

  1. Navigate to the Fulfillment > Transfer Outbound page.
  2. Select the orders that are ready to be exported to QuickBooks Online. 
    Cultivera PRO Fulfillment transfer outbound page
  3. Select “Export Selected to QuickBooks”.

Process complete!

You will see a green “QB” icon next to any orders that have been successfully exported to QuickBooks Online.

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