Pro (WA): Minimum Dollar Amount And Market Visibility Settings

A new feature has been added to the bottom of the Company Profile page of Cultivera Pro, which can be accessed by clicking the user profile name at the upper right corner of your screen and selecting "Company Profile".

At the bottom of the Company Profile screen, you'll see the Market Settings section where the "Minimum Order Total Restriction" box can be checked to enable a minimum total dollar amount for any order placed by a Buyer on the Marketplace. Enter the value for the minimum dollar amount desired. In the example below, the system will not accept any orders that total less than $100 and the Buyer will receive an alert if attempting to submit one.

There is also now an optional checkbox to make your Market public to viewers who are not already logged in to a Buyer account. When the "Want your Market to be publicly available?" option is checked, you'll see another option appear that allows for pricing to also be made available to all viewers: "Want prices to also be publicly viewable?" If left unchecked, Buyers will still have to log in to see pricing information. Remember to click Update Profile after making any changes to be sure they take effect.

If you have any questions regarding these new features, please contact our Support team at

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