Sales: How to Cancel An Order

How to Cancel an Order

Follow these steps to Cancel an Order in the Cultivera Pro Sales Module.

  1.  Navigate to the Sales > Orders page.
  2. Select the "Cancel Order" button.
  3. Enter a reason for cancelling the order.
An order can only be cancelled when it is in the “Submitted” status
If an order has progressed beyond the "Submitted" status (i.e. sublotted, manifested, invoiced, etc.), you will have to revert the order back to the “Submitted” status first in order to “Cancel Order”. 

To revert an order back to the "Submitted status:

  1. Open the order on the Fulfillment > Orders page
  2. Click the "cancel release", "cancel invoice", "cancel manifest", and "cancel sublot" buttons until the order is back in the "submitted" status.
    At this point, the "Cancel Order" button will be available for that order on the Sales > Orders page.

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