Adjusting Unit Quantities on a Submitted Order

Adjusting Unit Quantities On A Submitted Order

This workflow can be used if the quantity of a line item on an order needs to be changed.

Note: Unit quantities can only be adjusted on an order that is still in the “Submitted” status. 
  1. Navigate to Sales > Orders > Order Details
  2. Select the blue pencil icon under the "Units" column. 
  1. Update the quantity as needed and select “Update Units”.
  1. Orders that have progressed beyond the “Submitted” status will need to have their Invoice, Manifest, and/or Sublots canceled, respectively, in the Fulfillment module, which reverts the order back to the “Submitted” status.
  • Select “Cancel invoice
  • Select “Cancel Manifest
  • Select “Cancel Sublot” (or “Cancel Mark Packaged” if on METRC)

Now that the order is back to the "Submitted" status, open the order in the Sales > Orders screen and click the blue pencil icon under the "units" column to adjust unit quantities. 

Note: If you need to completely cancel an order you'll be able to click the "Cancel Order" button on the right side of the Sales > Orders screen, as long as the order has not been packaged and is still in "Submitted" status.

Once the Units have been updated as needed for the line items on the order, you can move forward with the order fulfillment process.

Please reach out to or 206-397-0022 (ext 2) if you have any questions.

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