Manage Menu - Product, Batch, and Marketplace Availability

Making Inventory Available

In order to be sold (or converted) your inventory items must be made “available” within Cultivera Pro. There are three levels of availability, Product, Batch, and Market availability.

You are able to control these levels of availability by right-clicking an item. Products are counted as “units for sale” once they’ve been made available, otherwise, they’ll be counted as “units in stock” and won’t be able to be sold yet.

In Inventory Management > Manage Menu you are able to make selected Products available by right-clicking and choosing “Make Available”. This will change the Product’s Status description from the grey “Not Available” to the green “Available” status.

You are able to control a product’s availability for the Marketplace portal using the “Make Available (for Portal)” action which will display a shopping cart icon in the Status column when selected.

In the following example, the Cherry OG Pre-rolls have been made available both to Sales as well as to the Marketplace portal:

Note: Any Product displayed on Marketplace also needs to belong to a Catalog Group.

This is how the pre-rolls will appear when being added to a Cart from the Sales > Inventory screen:

Besides being available at the Product level, the individual Batches of a product need to be made available in order to appear in Sales > Inventory as ready to sell.

This batch availability is set at the  Inventory Management > Batches screen by right-clicking a selected batch.

In the example below, the first two batches have not been made available because they have not had QA results added yet.

To prevent untested batches from being sold, it is a good idea to leave them “unavailable” until test results have been added, which will essentially “hide” them from the Sales module.

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