Product Lines - Managing Product Lines

Managing Inventory Product Lines

A Product Line is a way to organize your Products for categorization and filtering purposes. It stores package size information that can be used on the product labels.

Adding Product Lines, Sub-Product Lines, and Package Sizes

Use this workflow to add new product lines, sub-product lines, or package sizes to your system:

Step One: Add A New Product Line
  1. Navigate to the Inventory Management > Product Lines page.
  2. SelectAdd New Product Line”:
screenshot of cultivera pro create product line button
  1. Give the product line a Name and an optional Description.
  2. ClickCreate”:
screenshot of cultivera pro product page with create button highlighted
Step Two: Add A Sub-Product Line

To add a sub-product line to a product line:

  1. Click on the desired product line on the Inventory Management > Product-Line pages:
screenshot of cultivera pro product line page
  1. Click "Add New Sub-Product Line":
screenshot of cultivera pro sub-product line page
  1. Give the sub-product-line a name and an optional description and click “Create”:
screenshot of sub-product line page in cultivera pro

Step Three: Add A Package Size to Sub-Product Lines

To add a package size to a sub-product line:

  1. Click on the desired sub-product line:
    screenshot of cultivera pro to create a new package size
  2. Click the “Add New” button:
screenshot of cultivera pro highlighting the add new button
  1. Fill in the fields in the resulting pop-up window.
    screenshot of cultivera pro package information pop up
More Details
The “Name” is the way the package size appears on product labels, and should include both the unit of measurement and the value (for example, “3.5g”).
The “Unit” is the unit of measurement being used, and the “Value” is the numerical value that represents the number of units.
  1. SelectUpdate” to complete the process.

If you have any questions on this or any other workflow in Cultivera PRO, please email

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