Product Tags - Working With Product Tags

Working With Product Tags

Product Tags are custom “digital labels” that can be applied to Products to make them easier to find via filters on both the Inventory Management > Manage Menu and the Sales > Inventory pages.

You can add multiple tags to a single Product, then selectively remove them, as needed. 

Examples may include tags such as “High CBD”, “Clearance”, “Recent Restock”, “High Terpene".

examples of product tags in cultivera pro inventory management module

Creating Product Tags

To create a Product Tag,

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > Product Tags.
  1. Click the “+Add New Tag” button on the top left, then enter a name and description.
  2. Select the “Is Active” check box.
    Editing any of your previously created tags can be done using the pencil icon in the main Product Tag screen, pictured below.
  3. Click Save”.

Assigning Tags to Products

From Manage Menu, find an item that you want to tag, right-click on it, select “Tag”, and choose an existing tag from the list.

Graphical user interface
The “Is Active” checkbox on the Product Tag page controls whether the Tag will appear as an option from this dropdown menu.

Filtering By Tags

To locate any items that match a certain Product Tag, use the Product Tag filter at the top right of the screen.

Once you select one (or more) tags that you’d like to filter by, click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter on your keyboard.

Removing Tags

To remove a tag from one or more Products, select the row(s) then right-click in the selected area and choose “Remove Tags” from the dropdown menu.

Tags that you’ve applied in Inventory Management > Manage Menu will also appear in green in Sales > Inventory, where you can use them to filter for matching items.

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