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Working with the Strains Tab

The Strains tab of the Inventory Management module lists the individual strains, cultivars, flavors, or varieties of cannabis used to make your Products.

Here you can add new strain names when you add genetics to your garden, or activate/deactivate the strains that you no longer want to appear in dropdown lists in Cultivera Pro. 

METRC users will not be able to edit a strain name in Cultivera Pro. You can add a new Strain, then perform a Conversion if you need to change a strain name for a specific Batch. Keep in mind this will also require a new METRC package tag.
cultivera pro strains list

Adding New Strains

The majority of your strains should be added during the onboarding process, or during a data synchronization with your state traceability system.

To create new strains, simply click the “Add new record” button at the top of the screen.

Editing Existing Strains

  1. To change the name of a strain, simply click on it to open for editing, and enter the new name. Remember to click “Save changes” at the top.
Note: Changing a strain name in this list does not necessarily affect the Product name or Label name for related products; those will have to be edited separately in Inventory Management > Manage Menu.
  1. You can toggle whether a Strain is active by selecting/deselecting the checkmark in the “Is Active” column.
  1. Click “Save Changes'' at the top left of the screen for the changes to take effect.
Note: Inactive strains are hidden by default.

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