Plants - Creating Clones & New Plants

Creating Clones and New Plants

In this article, we will cover how to create clones from an existing plant in Cultivera Pro.

If you are creating new plants from other sources, such as directly propagating from Seeds or Plant Tissue, please follow the instructions in the How To Create A Grow Cycle article.

Before taking clones from a plant, that plant will have to be designated as a “Mother.” You can turn any plant in the vegetative stage into a Mother Plant by navigating to Grow > Plants, then selecting it and choosing "Make Mother", which toggles the mother status on or off (depending upon the plant's current state). You can also right-click on a plant or selected group of plants that you want to make into a Mother.

Creating Clones

Once you have identified the Mother plant you are taking clones from, follow the steps below for creating new clone lots.

  1. Select the Mother Plant plant you wish to cut clones from in Grow > Plants.
  2. Then click the New Plant tool button to set the specifics for your propagation.
  1. Next, a popup will appear where you can set the number of new items to create. You can also assign the new items to a product or select their destination room. 
In this early stage, the new plants are not big enough to require an individual ID, so groups of new plants are identified by a single ID. Be sure to check with your state authority to confirm when plants must have their own ID.
  1. Once you have clicked confirm for the immature plants you created, you’ll see a green confirmation box appear in the upper left-hand corner.
  1. To find them in Cultivera, navigate to the Grow Sources tab and sort the items by Batch Date or Age by clicking on those column headings. Your newly created material will sort to the top of the list! To add clones to an order, simply search for them as you would any other inventory item.
If you wish to transfer or sell vegging plants, follow the instructions in this article: Sell Mature Plants

Promoting Plants

When you are ready to promote clones to a vegging plant, begin in the Immature Plants tab in the Grow Module.

  1. Select the Group on the left and click Transplant on the right.
  2. Doing so will open another pop up box where you can set the details.
    1. In this popup, you can change the name of the group of plants, called a “Grow Cycle.”
    2. You can also edit the number of plants you are promoting if some have died, or select a different room to move them to and set a different Plant Date.
The Plant Date signifies when the plants went into the vegging garden from the clone stage.
In some states you have to select your own Traceability Tag (such as with METRC). When promoting clones in these states, if you select one tag the system will automatically assign consecutive ID’s to the whole batch.
  1. To promote plants from Vegetative to Flowering, simply select the plants to promote and click the Promote button.
  2. A popup box will appear where you can select the stage you are sending the plants to.


You have successfully created clones and moved them through the growing stages!

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our stellar support team at and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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