Grow Cycles - How To Create A Grow Cycle (WA)

How To Create A Grow Cycle In WA State

A Grow Cycle is a group of plants that are of the same strain, planted on the same date, that will eventually be harvested together, usually from the same room.

When you move your immature clones or seedlings to a Grow Cycle, their individual plant IDs are assigned (as well as traceability tags, in states that use them) and the plants are considered to be in the vegetative state by default.

If your operation is located in Washington state, follow these steps to create a new grow cycle.

  1. Navigate to Grow > Grow Sources. These are typically clones or seedlings that are not yet mature. In this step we’re going to “up-pot” them into their 1-gallon pots (or whatever growth medium you’re using to veg in).
  1. Select "Create Grow Cycle" to the right of the grow source you wish to create a grow cycle from.
  1. Select a room, enter the grow cycle name, set your plant birth date, and expected harvest date (optional)
  2. Indicate the number of plants you'd like to place in the grow cycle.
  3. Click "Create".

Upon creation of the new grow cycle, you will be taken from the "Grow Sources" page to the Grow > Grow Cycles tab, where you can manage the new grow cycle's production life cycle. 

Tip: You can select the checkbox next to a Grow Cycle to perform an action to all of the plants at once using the toolbar buttons. Examples include Promoting Plants, Adding Cost/Pesticide/Additive information, printing Plant Tags, or Moving Plants to a new Room.

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