Creating a Harvest (WA)

Starting a New Harvest

Follow these instructions to create a new Harvest in Cultivera Pro, for those in the state of Washington.

First, Navigate to Grow > Plants.

  1. Select the plants intended to be harvested, then select “Promote”.
    cultivera pro screenshot
  2. Promote to “Ready for Harvest”.
promote to ready for harvest
Plants cannot be harvested in Cultivera until they are promoted to this stage.
  1. Select the plants again and select "Harvest".
select ready for harvest
  1. Enter the following information:
    1. Harvest Variation
      "Standard" means plants are fully harvested and cannot be harvested from again.
      "Manicure" means plants are still growing and can be harvested from again.
    2. New or Existing Harvest
    3. Harvest Name
    4. Harvest Date
new harvest page
  1. On the Harvest Details page, select "Set Wet Weight".
    set wet weight

Curing a Harvest

Please refer to the article How to Cure a Harvest (WA) to learn more about entering the Cure weights for a harvest.

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