How to Cure a Harvest (WA)

Curing a Harvest in Cultivera (Washington)

Follow the workflow below when you are ready to enter the dry weights for a harvest.

Note that this workflow is for Cultivera PRO users in Washington state.
  1. Navigate to Grow > Harvest. Click on the name of a Harvest to navigate to the Harvest Detail page:
  2. Select the blue “Curebutton:
Alternatively, you can click the "Cure" button associated with the Harvest, directly from the Harvest page:

  1. Enter the "Dry Weight" and associated flower Product and Room. If applicable, you can also enter the "Other Material Weight" and “Waste Weight” before selecting Save”. 

  1. You will see a success message once the Cure is complete, and the corresponding weights will be recorded. From the Harvest Detail page, you will also see the Barcodes generated for any Weights entered, as well as their corresponding Room:
  2. Once all of the dry weights have been recorded for the harvest, select Finish Harvest

You’ll then see the corresponding dry weight batches from the harvest in Inventory Management > Batches

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