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How to Clone a Product

You are able to Clone any Product in your system to create a new variant based on it. When adding new Products to your system it is usually much easier to Clone a Product than to create it from scratch, because you’re usually just changing one or two things, such as Strain or package size. A good use case is when you add new Strains, because you’ll need to add matching Products for the new Strains you’ve added.

To clone an existing product, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Product you wish to clone on the "Products" or "Manage Menu" page within the Inventory Management module:
  1. Click on the Product's name to navigate to its Product Detail page: 
You can also navigate to the Product Details page by clicking on the eyeball icon next to the Product Name of a Batch in Inventory Management > Batches:
  1. Click the "Clone Product" button located at the top-right: 
Before changing anything, note the words “New Product” should appear at the top of your screen, confirming that you’re not overwriting the original item you cloned from.
  1. Modify the new product's information as needed.
  2. Click "Create" at the bottom right corner (you may have to scroll down to see the button).
Note: not changing the "Name" field will result in an error - this is to prevent users from having multiple products with the same name.

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