Grow Cycles - Change A Grow Cycle Name

Change A Grow Cycle Name

In the event a Grow Cycle is created with the incorrect Name, Date, etc, you can utilize this workflow to update the existing Grow Cycle’s name to reflect as intended. 

It can be helpful to use a code at the beginning of a Grow Cycle name to provide more information about its plants. For instance, enter a “V” for vegetative, or an “F” for flowering at the beginning of the Grow Cycle Name to more easily sort based on what stage the plants are currently in. You can then filter/sort the Grow Cycles with this naming convention, as needed.
  1. Navigate to the Grow Cycles page within the Grow Module.
  1. Click on the Name of the Grow Cycle you’d like to change the name of. 

You’ll be redirected to that Grow Cycle’s detail page.

  1. In the top left corner, click on the teal Grow Cycle Name to get the following popup:
  1. Enter the new name you’d like for your Grow Cycle.
  2. Click the teal checkmark to save changes.

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