Grow Cycles - Harvesting A Grow Cycle

Harvesting A Grow Cycle in Cultivera PRO

Follow these steps to create a Harvest from a Grow Cycle in the Cultivera PRO platform.

  1. Navigate to Grow > Grow Cycles and locate the grow cycle you plan on harvesting.
Hint: Use the filters near the top of the screen to search for the grow cycle if needed.
  1. Check the box next to the grow cycle and click the "Promote Selected" button. 
  1. Select Ready For Harvest” from the drop-down list and click Promote” to prepare the plants for harvest.
  1. Check the box next to the grow cycle that was just promoted to “Ready For Harvest” and click the “Harvest” button.
  1. On the New Harvest screen select a “Harvest Variation” of either Standard (where the entire plant is being cut down at once) or Manicure (where you’ll be harvesting multiple times from the same plant ID).

New Harvest” will be selected by default, but if you are adding plants to an existing harvest click the “Existing Harvest” option.

Note: You can only add plants of the same strain as an existing harvest.
  1. If you are beginning a New Harvest, enter a name for the harvest and then click Create Harvest”.
    The standard naming convention is Strain followed by Harvest Date.
  2. If you are adding plants to an Existing Harvest of the same strain, you will select an existing harvest from the drop-down menu and clickAdd to Harvest”.

After the harvest has been created you can manage it from the Grow > Harvest screen.

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