(METRC) External Seed Transfer in METRC

To bring new seeds into the system from a source other than a state licensed transfer, you may use the "External Seed Transfer" function in the METRC track and trace system. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Create items for the Strain and the seeds themselves: Before bringing seeds into the METRC account, you must create an Item for Seeds. You'll need to make one for each Strain to track them by strain name.
    1. If the new cultivar or strain you're transferring is not already listed, you'll need to add it to the Strains list before creating the item. To do this, navigate to the Admin menu and select "Strains", then choose "Add Strains" to enter the required information of strain Name and Testing Status.
    1. Once the new Strain has been added, navigate back to the Admin menu and choose "Items" and select "Add Items". This will prompt you to enter a name for the item, such as "Seeds - New Strain", the Category (inventory type), and the Strain of the item.
      The item you create here will automatically sync down to Cultivera Pro once you have completed the transfer and there is inventory associated with it. You will find it in the Inventory Management > Manage Menu screen in Cultivera Pro.
  2. Create an external transfer: Once the item has been created, navigate to the Transfers area on the navigation bar and click the down-pointing arrow to select "External".
    Once on the External Transfer screen, select the “Incoming” tab and then the “New Transfer” button.
    This will bring you to the "New Incoming Transfer" dialog box where you'll enter the details about the transfer including the package ID (tag ID), the quantity of seeds in the package that is being brought in, and the package date. Be sure to select "Seeds Only External Inventory Transfer" from the Type drop-down menu. You may also enter a phone number and the planned route of travel for accountability purposes.
    Once all the required info has been entered, click "Register Transfer" so it appears in the list of Incoming transfers in your Transfers menu, from which it can then be received like any other standard transfer.
  3. Receive the transfer in METRC: Once you've received it, the new seed package will appear in your inventory and will sync to Cultivera with the next scheduled synchronization (or can be synced through a manual inventory sync if you need to use the package right away). In Cultivera the new item will show in Inventory Management > Manage Menu and the new package of seeds you've received will appear in Inventory Management>Batches.
Reminder: You will need to make the seeds "available" in Inventory Management for them to be viewed in Grow > Grow Sources so they can be transplanted. Right-click the seed Item and/or Package/Batch and choose "Make Available".

If you have questions or need assistance with any of these steps, please reach out to our Support Team.

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