Fulfillment: Transfer Inbound (METRC)

Fulfillment: Transfer Inbound

All inbound transfers will need to be received or rejected directly in Metrc.

Navigate to Metrc > Transfers > Licensed > Incoming.

cropped screenshot of metrc licensed transfers page with "incoming" highlighted

Once received, the inventory will appear on the Inventory Management > Batches page.

All inventory received from an inbound transfer in Metrc will sync directly to Cultivera.

This sync is performed every hour in Cultivera Pro

If for any reason the inventory is not showing up as expected, you can initiate a Manual Sync:

1. Select the "Sync" button in the top right corner (two curling arrows).

2. Select either "Sync Plants", "Sync Inventory", or "Sync All" and enter the date you want the sync to include.

cultivera pro data sync screenshot
If the transferred inventory is still not showing in Cultivera, please contact support@cultivera.com and provide as many details as possible for assistance.

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