Grow: Transferring Mature Plants with METRC (OK)

Transferring Mature Plants Using METRC (OK)

In states that use the METRC state traceability system there are functions in Cultivera that are not necessarily integrated with the METRC API sync process.

If you need to transfer plants that are past the "Immature" phase and are already in the veg, flowering, or mother stage the plants will first have to be "packaged" directly in METRC in order for them to appear as Batches in Cultivera. Once they are in a Batch you'll be able to create a cart and make a sale as usual.

Here are instructions for "packaging" the mature plants.

  1. In METRC, navigate to Plants > Vegetative or Plants > Flowering, depending upon the phase of the plant(s) you're transferring, and Select the plant(s) to transfer.
  1. Once the plant(s) have been selected they'll highlight in orange and you will click the "Create Packages" tool on the toolbar.
  1. After clicking "Create Packages" you'll be prompted to enter the package tag ID, location, item and package date. You may also enter an optional note.
    Click the "magnifying glass" icon next to each field to view a list of items so you can filter for the one you need.
    The filters in METRC appear as three dots at the top of each column heading.
    You can also just start typing the name of the location or item and it will find the closest match in your system as you type.
  2. Once the required fields are filled in, click the green "Create Packages" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

That is the step that moves the plant(s) into inventory so they will appear in Packages > Active in METRC, as well as Inventory Management > Batches in Cultivera after the next synchronization takes place.

METRC syncs to Cultivera once an hour automatically, but to see the packaged plants appear sooner you can run a manual sync:
1. Click the button that looks like two curling arrows at the top right of the Cultivera screen.
2. Choose the "Sync All" button, then choose the date you'd like to sync back to. (You'll want to "sync all" because you are essentially converting Plants to Inventory so both categories will be affected by the update.)

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