Recording Final Harvest Waste (OK)

Recording Final Harvest Waste (In Oklahoma)

When completing a Harvest in Cultivera you are able to account for MMJ Waste, which will be assigned a METRC package tag ID so that it can be transferred to a waste company, and Non-MMJ Waste which can be recorded, but not transported.

  1. Navigate to Grow > Harvest and select the open Harvest that you need to add weights to, then click the green circle with the white plus sign to begin adding your final harvest lots.
  1. To record MMJ Waste, select the menu choice for “MMJ Waste (Metrc Tag)” 
  1. In the following dialog box enter the weight and verify the unit of measure, then select the product and room from the dropdown lists. 
Tip: If you don’t see the Product or Room you would like to use, either can be added via the Inventory Management module.
  1. To confirm the weight of the waste package and assign the Metrc package tag ID, click “Confirm/Report” on the right side of the Harvest Detail screen. 
  1. When confirming the weight and assigning the package tag ID, it is not necessary to assign a Production Batch Number because waste does not need to be tested.

Once your weight has been confirmed and tag ID has been assigned the waste item will show in Inventory Management > Batches in Cultivera as well as in Packages > Active in METRC. You will need to transfer them to the waste management company directly in METRC.

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