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Here is a handy reference to the recordings of all our training webinars. These classes are grouped by module and offer a comprehensive overview of the functions of Cultivera. For best viewing results, download the file to watch offline by clicking the "down arrow" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Configuration Module

General Configuration Webinar

A good place to begin for system administrators, we cover the overall layout of Cultivera, as well as items that you'll need to configure (such as adding drivers and vehicles) during the onboarding process to realize the full functionality of the software. This lesson provides a good general overview of how to get started.

Click here to view the General Configuration webinar

One of your first tasks will be to enter your Users and their Roles, which will allow you to control the level of access users have to different parts of Cultivera. Follow the steps in the articles below:

Inventory Management Module

Inventory Management is the area where you will track your Products, Batches, QA Samples/Results, Strains, Rooms, and other inventory functions.

Inventory Setup Webinar

This webinar provides an understanding of how inventory items are organized in Cultivera, explains Product Lines, and how to manage Products by creating, cloning, or discontinuing them.

Click here to view the Inventory Setup Module webinar

In this session you'll be shown how to work with the various right-click context menus available in Manage Menu, Batches, and QA Results. It covers topics such as setting pricing, making inventory adjustments, adding testing information and uploading the COA (Certificate of Analysis) from your lab, destroying inventory, printing inventory and product labels, and more.

Click here to view the Menu Management webinar

Conversions Webinar

This webinar demonstrates the conversion process, both for extractions (flower to concentrate) and packaging (bulk to packaged). We'll show how to build a bill of materials (like a template) and perform both production runs as well as demonstrate the "package to order" workflow.

Click here to view the Conversions webinar

Discounts & Promotions

Whether you have preferred clients that you want to reward for their loyalty, or you're simply running a special sale for an occasion, you can easily automate the discounts and promotions you offer to select clients or during a specific time using the tools described in this webinar.

Click here to view the Discounts & Promotions webinar

Sales Module

Sales Module Navigation Webinar

View this webinar for an overview of navigating the Sales module, including a guide to each of the dashboard items as well as the tabs on the left side of the screen. We'll discuss how to look up accounts and assign them to users, invite potential clients to Marketplace, and learn how to customize and update CRM data in the Sales module.

Click here to view the Sales Navigation webinar

Order Entry & Fulfillment Webinar

This session covers the entire process of managing Sales, from placing an order to invoicing, packaging, labeling, and fulfilling the order to get it out the door and on the way to your customer.

Click here to view the Order Entry & Fulfillment webinar

Grow Module

Grow Webinar

In this session we provide an overview of the entire Grow module. We'll show how to work with seeds or clones, the propagation process from Immature Plants to Grow Cycles, entering Harvest numbers, making Mothers, plant destruction, waste reporting, and everything else that happens in the garden.

Click here to view the Grow webinar

Once you've completed a Harvest you'll need to take Quality Assurance samples from the bulk inventory items you will be converting into sellable products so they can be sent to a lab for testing. For specific instructions on how to do this, as well as uploading the Certificate of Analysis, see the articles below.

Cultivera Marketplace

Marketplace Setup

Running your own custom online store and offering an organized digital Marketplace is a huge benefit to using Cultivera Pro. To learn how your products are displayed and the grouping options available for items in the Marketplace (Portal) that are visible to your retail customers, please watch this video:

Click here to view the Marketplace Setup & Catalog Groups webinar

Contact Support

If you need help with anything specific, please reach out to our Support Team by sending an email to support@cultivera.com with a thorough description of your issue and we'll reach out as soon as possible. Any screenshots you can provide will assist in troubleshooting and are greatly appreciated.

You may also call (206) 397-0022 and dial extension 2 for Cultivera Pro support

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