Users - Adding Users and Changing Passwords

Creating User Profiles

User Profiles include individual user information, such as name, email, and their role in your team. You will need to create a unique user profile for each employee requiring access to Cultivera PRO.

Adding Users

Creating new Users can be done easily from the Configuration menu under Users.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Users.
  2. Click on the “+ Add New Userbutton. You will be taken to the creation screen.
    cultivera pro users page screenshot
  3. Fill in all name fields, the user’s email address, and (optional) phone number.
If you would prefer not to use a middle name, simply place a period in that field.
  1. Select which role(s) the user is appropriate for based on their needs of access.
  2. When all fields are completed, click the “Create” button.
new user options in cultivera pro

The new user should then receive an email with a link to login as well as a secure, temporary password.

Changing User Passwords

If the user would like to change the password, you can click on your location directly beneath the Cultivera Pro logo on any screen and select "Profile". 

cultivera pro menu options

Then you can enter the new password and select "Reset Password".

example of reset password entry spaces in cultivera pro

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