Configuration: Plant/Inventory Sync (METRC)

Manual Metrc Sync

Cultivera syncs once every hour to Metrc.

If a sync is needed sooner it can be accomplished manually by following these steps.

  1. Select the sync symbol () in the top right corner of the screen:
    cropped screenshot of cultivera pro platform data sync page
  2. Select from the options here:
  • "Sync Plants"
  • "Sync Inventory"
  • or "Sync All".
  1. Consider back-dating the sync to the earliest plant or package date in METRC. If you received a transfer yesterday, for example, you'll want to set the calendar back a day when choosing the sync options.
If for any reason a package or plant is not syncing to either Cultivera or Metrc, or you experience sync errors please contact support at

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