Configuration: Traceability Tags

Configuration of Traceability Tags

Metrc UID tags are used when you need to split a batch, create a new production run, assign a new package tag to allocated line items on an order, and create harvest batches.

Traceability tags do not automatically sync to Cultivera, so they will need to be manually imported into Cultivera in order to use the tags.

To begin the configuration of your traceability tags, start in the Metrc platform.

  1. Login to Metrc.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Tags > Active.
    cropped screenshot of metrc packages page and menum options
  3. Click on the printer icon and export Traceability Tags to an Excel (.csv) file.
cropped screenshot of metrc tags page with highlighted button
  1. Navigate to Cultivera > Configuration > Traceability Tags.
  2. Select “Import Traceability Tags”.
    cropped screenshot of metrc traceability tags page
  3. Select the Location that the new tags will be uploaded to.
  4. Select the Traceability Tags file to upload.
    cropped screenshot of metrc traceability tag import
  5. Click "Upload".

Your Metrc traceability tags will now be available to use in the Cultivera system.

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