Metrc Glossary

Glossary of Metrc Terms

Like most software, Metrc has specific lingo that applies to workflows within the system.

The following is a list of key terms to be aware of.

Adjustment (aka Inventory Adjustment) is a feature that allows you to change the quantity (in units) or weight (in grams) of an inventory item. Adjustments can be used to account any changes to the quantity of a package or batch. For example, an adjustment could be made to a harvest lot to account for moisture loss as buds are curing, for correcting data entry errors, or for accounting for product that has been destroyed.

Buds refers to a quantity of harvested flower that has been trimmed. Buds can be packaged and sold.

Business Licensee is an entity licensed by the state to grow, process, and/or sell cannabis. Each licensee receives a unique number for each license they hold.

For example, In Oklahoma they are coded with 4-letter prefixes: GAAA (Grow), PAAA (Processor), and DAAA (Dispensary) are the most numerous, but there are also licensees for Testing Labs (LAAA), Waste Removal Facilities (WAAA) and Transporters (TAAA).

Concentrate refers to forms of concentrated cannabis. The term can apply to many varieties and consistencies including wax, shatter, crumble, live resin, pressed rosin, bubble hash, C02 oil, distillate, etc. When transferring product between licensees the product needs to be packaged into one or more containers and a Metrc RFID tag will need to be associated with any bulk or packaged units.

Dry Trim refers to the byproduct of the dry trimming process, or the process itself, and occurs after harvested cannabis has been dried.

Employee refers to a person who works for a Business License holder. All employees, including non-users, must be listed in Metrc.

Flowering refers to the phase of plant growth from when buds are forming through the point at which a plant is prepared for harvest. Plants are promoted to this phase from the vegetative state.

Harvest is the process of cutting down and recording the wet weight of plants. All plants in a Harvest Batch must be of the same strain and each plant weight must be recorded individually in grams.

Harvest Batch refers to a group of plants of the same strain that were harvested at the same time. The typical naming convention is Strain followed by the date of Harvest.

Hash is a term that refers to pressed, concentrated cannabis, and can apply to different types of concentrate products. Hash may be packaged and sold.

Immature Plant is a plant that has been propagated from a seed or cutting (clone) but has not yet matured to the Vegetative state, as defined by State law.

Immature Plant Batch is a group of plants of the same strain that have not been moved to the Vegetative state yet. These are created when seeds are planted or cuttings (clones) are taken from Mother plants and will be assigned a UID upon creation.

Metrc UIDs (“Universal IDs”) are the ID numbers printed on the tags that you purchase from Metrc directly.

Metrc Trained Administrator is the individual (often the Owner) who has attended and successfully completed Metrc training and is responsible for adding other Users to the system.

Metrc User is any employee of a licensed business that has a login and access to the Metrc software and can perform inventory tracking functions.

Patient is an individual who is registered with the state to legally purchase, possess, and consume cannabis.

Package is an amount of marijuana that may be sold, processed, or transferred and must be placed into one or more containers, each having a unique RFID tag. Packages must be strain-specific. You can have multiple units of the same product assigned to the same package ID if they are the same strain. Tested packages cannot be combined.

Package Tag is the physical RFID sticker that contains the UID, license information, and is physically attached to a package upon creation of the package. Package tags can also be attached to Production Batches for tracking purposes.

Plant Promotion is when a plant is moved from one growth phase/stage in its life cycle to the next. Examples include promoting an "Immature Plant" to "Vegetative", "Vegetative" to "Flowering", or a "Flowering" plant to "Ready for Harvest."

Plant Tag is the physical RFID tag that contains the UID, license information, and is physically attached to the plant at the time it is put into the vegetative state. The plant tag must stay associated with the plant through all growth cycles to the point where it is finished and packaged.

Production Batch is a package or group of packages that were created as the result of a production run, usually of infused product or concentrate.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the technology used by the Metrc plant and package tags to track inventory. An RFID tag contains a silicon chip that enables it to interact with radio frequency queries from an RFID reading device, which can have a range of up to 15 feet. Metrc users do NOT have to purchase an RFID reading device to use the system, but they are used for compliance.

Seed to Sale refers to the entire life and sales cycle of a cannabis plant, from seed planting to harvest time, on through processing, production, sales, fulfillment, and stocked shelves and all the way to the final consumer sale. 

Seed-to-sale software refers to traceability and/or management software that tracks a product from the beginning of its life cycle to when its sold.

Shake is the broken down part of the plant that is not considered waste.

Strain is a specific type of cannabis, sometimes also referred to as a cultivar (short for "cultivated variety").

Traceability sometimes referred to as “track-and-trace,” is the continued tracking of a product through its development, production, supply chain, and sale.

Transfer can be used as a noun or a verb. A transfer is a record of inventory changing hands from one license to another. The transfer process requires documentation such as a Transportation Manifest.

Transportation Manifest is the legal document that contains compliance information related to a Transfer between licenses. Metrc will contain a digital copy and the driver must carry a printed copy while in transit.

Veg or Vegging is a term applied to a plant in its vegetative state. Plants move from Immature Plants to Veg, then are promoted to Flowering.

Waste is the unusable portion of the plant that has no value and is discarded.

Wet Trim is a process for trimming or manicuring a plant before it has dried and cured.

Wholesale Transfer takes place when both custody and ownership of inventory moves between licenses, as in a sales transaction.

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