Cultivera Market Featured Brand Spots

As Washington's Cultivera Market continues to grow, we've received a number of requests from vendors looking for a way to promote their brand within the Marketplace. Driven by these user requests, we've developed a series of Featured Brand Spots that now appear at the top of the Cultivera Market retail portal.

Five Featured Brand Spots will be available every week, running Monday through Sunday, and purchased through an automated Bid Submission Form available on the website.

To see what the Featured Brand Spots looks like, simply log into Washington's Cultivera Market and open the retail view.

tablet mockup with Cultivera Market retail portal onscreen

Here's how the Featured Brand Spots promotional service works:

  • Vendors can now place bids for one of five weekly Featured Brand spots located at the top of the Cultivera Market retail portal.
  • To qualify for Featured Brand spots, you must be
    1. a financial decision maker for a Cultivera Market vendor in Washington
    2. that has an account enrolled in automated payments and
    3. is current with billing, with no overdue invoices.
    Vendors not already enrolled in auto-pay, or not up-to-date with payments, will be disqualified. Contact to do fix any issues now, before submitting your bid.
  • The Bid Submission Form will open at 8 AM PST every Monday, on the Cultivera website. At that time, vendors can place bids for spots running the following week.
    In the case of ties, winning bids will be determined by first submission of that amount.
  • Weekly Bid Forms will close for submissions at 2 PM PST on Friday. This allows our team enough time to confirm with individual vendors before end of day.
  • Winning bidders will be notified by email by end of day Friday.
    Vendors will only be notified at the end of the week if they achieved a winning bid.
  • Winning bid amounts will withdrawn from the bank account or credit card we have on file for that account before that round of Featured Spots goes live on Monday.
Vendors are only charged if they successfully win, and there are no additional fees or costs associated with placing bids. This means that if you don't win, your bid costs nothing.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out any time to our Support team.

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