Inventory Management: Conversions for Orders (METRC)

Converting Inventory for Orders

To convert inventory for orders, begin in Cultivera Pro.

Navigate to Inventory Management > Conversions for Orders.

  1. Click on the Source Product drop-down arrow to view order conversions.
  2. Select “Conversion Setting” to view the source product Batches options.
    cultivera pro "conversions for orders" page
  3. Enter the number of Allocated Units needed from the intended batch, and click “Save”.
conversion settings in cultivera pro
  1. If there are only certain line items within a Source Product that you would like to convert, select the "Conversions from Orders" line items intended to be converted.
  2. Click “Convert Selected”.
If all line items within the Source Product have the Conversion Source Batch set, you can select them all and click "Convert All".
conversions for orders screenshot in cultivera pro
  1. Choose a new Traceability Tag.
  2. Select “Convert”.
order conversion screenshot in cultivera pro
At this point, a new package will be created in Metrc, with the new Traceability Tag assigned to it. This can be found in the Active Packages tab.
metrc screenshot active packages tab
  1. Last, Navigate back to the Order to confirm that the allocation has been set for that Product.

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