Grow Cycles - Promoting Plants

How To Promote Plants

"Promoting" a Plant is a way to indicate what growth stage the Plant is at in its lifecycle. You can Promote Individual plants or entire Grow Cycles of plants separately. This can be done from either the Grow Cycles page or the Plants page. 

Seeds, seedlings, and clones will first appear in the Grow Sources tab in the Grow module of Cultivera Pro.

Promoting An Entire Grow Cycle:

  1. Navigate to the Grow > Grow Cycles.
  2. Locate the Grow Cycle(s) you want to promote by searching for them by name, or narrowing down the items displayed using the search filters at the top. 
cultivera pro screenshot of grow cycles module
  1. Click the checkbox next to each group ID you want to promote. You can click multiple checkboxes to promote multiple groups at once.
  2. Then Select "Promote Selected," located in the middle of the top row. 
screenshot of cultivera pro promote plant steps

Promoting Individual Plants:

Cultivera also gives you the freedom to promote individual plants within a Growth Cycle, independent of the Grow Cycle group. This is handy if some plants in the group are faster growers and you want to move some along into the Flowering or Harvest stage before others.

  1. Navigate to Grow > Grow Cycles page.
  2. Click on a Grow Cycle title to view that group’s contents.
screenshot of cultivera pro grow cycle options

In the Grow Cycle details page you are able to select plants to individually promote. Here, you should:

  1. Click the individual checkbox on the left-hand side of the plant’s line item to select it for individual promotion.
  2. Select "Promote" to promote the individual plants to their next stage.
screenshot of plant promotion steps in cultivera pro grow cycle module

The separately promoted plants will remain part of the same Grow Cycle, but they will be in different stages. 

Promoting Multiple Plant Groups:

Alternatively, you can use the filters in the Plants tab to find which exact plants of a group(s) you want to promote. This is handy if there are multiple plants belonging to different Grow Cycles that you wish to promote all at once, saving you steps and time.

cultivera pro grow cycles screenshot

You can use any combination of the filters in the blue box to narrow things down to exactly which items you wish to promote. In the example above, you can see the “Vegetative” stage filter is used, and multiple plants of different strains are able to be selected to promote all at once.

Once you have searched for only the plants you wish to promote, use the "Select All" checkbox to select all plants on the screen. Now you can promote everything that fits your parameters all at once!

promote plants in cultivera pro grow module screenshot

Please feel free to reach out to our excellent support staff by emailing if you have any questions about the promotion process.

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