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Integrating Leafly Menu

To assign a Leafly online menu account to Cultivera POS please follow the steps below. 

  1. Log into Cultivera Backoffice
  2. Navigate to Administration 
  3. Click menu tab “Integrations” 

  1. Click Green Button “Add Leafly Integration” 
  2. Select Store Location
*Note: If managing multiple locations, it is important that the correct location is selected to send the correct product data. 
  1. Insert Leafly assigned API 
  2. Click Save

Listing Products on Leafly

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management
  2. The default menu selection is Products
  3. Right Click products to list on Leafly Online Menu

*Note: Product edits, additions, and subtractions from menu update every 20 minutes. Full menu update every 24 hours.

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