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Frequently Asked Questions About Cultivera POS

Q: How can I reset my password?

A: On the main login page, click the "Forgot password?" link. You'll be taken to a field where you can enter the email address used for the User login and click "Reset." A message will be automatically sent to that email account with further instructions on how to reset the Cultivera password.

A: A vendor can be added within the CRM module from the Vendors page. Select the "Add New Vendor" button to begin creating the new vendor profile. Once complete, reattempt to upload the JSON file at the Transfers In page.

Q: Do you have an open API so that I can connect Cultivera with other software?

A: Cultivera does not have an open API to enable other external programs/applications to integrate with and pull data from Cultivera POS, and only integrates with state traceability systems, Leafly, and Weedmaps. We do not have any plans to have an open API at this time.

Q: Where do I find a terminal PIN number for an employee?

A: If a PIN number needs to be retrieved for an Employee to use at the terminal, it can be found in the Employee Details page within the Store Management module. Click the name link for the employee profile from the employees page and select Show PIN. A manager's PIN number must be used to reveal or change the Employee PIN number.

Q: How do I enter or update test results?

A: Test results can be inputted or modified at the Batch Details on the Inventory page. Navigate to the Inventory page within the Inventory Management module. From there, select the gray batch details button next to the barcode. This will take you to the batch details of the inventory where you can select the "Add QA Results" button. If results are already present and need to be modified, selecting the "Update QA Results" button will allow you to modify the results.

Q: If I input the incorrect totals when closing a Shift, can they be modified to show the correct totals?

A: Yes, Shift closing amounts may be modified by navigating to Store Management > Shifts > then selecting the Shift you wish to edit. You may edit the closing totals by selecting the pencil box next to the amounts you'd like to update.

Q: Where do I find information about tax revenue generated?

A: You can find a breakdown of tax revenue collected or exempted in the Tax Summary report found in the Analytics module. Sales and Excise tax will be presented based on the figures provided and set during your onboarding.

Q: Where can the price of a product be updated?

A: The simplest way to set a price for your product is on the Products page in the Inventory Management module. You can either right-click on the desired product and select "Adjust Price" from the action menu OR modify the price within the product details by clicking the name link and then selecting the edit button. Once the price has been updated, press the "Save" button.

Q: Can I change a product description?

A: A product description can be modified from the product details. Simply click the name link from the products page and press the "Edit" button. Once the description has been updated, click the "Save" button to update.

Q: What online menu services can I utilize with Cultivera POS?

A: Currently, we are partnered with Weedmaps and Leafly. If you have these services, navigate to the Administration module and select the Integrations page to begin connecting your online menu. Once the steps for integration have been completed, you may now list products from the product page. Right-Clicking will bring up the action menu that will allow you to list or de-list to the appropriate menu.

Q: Where do I process a return at the terminal?

A: The simplest way to process a return is by scanning the barcode at the bottom of a receipt while at the terminal home page. Once the order details are populated, you can select the pencil icon in the return column next to the line item you wish to return. After the quantity has been inputted, the Return button will turn red and can be pressed to process.

A return can also be performed by locating the order within the Orders page and selecting the "Return" button. Input the order number within the search field on the orders page and select the magnifying glass icon to perform an Online Order Search. Once the order is located, you can select the return button to begin processing.

Q: How do I create a discount and where do I find it at the terminal?

A: A discount can be created within the Marketing module. Select the "Add New Discount" button to begin defining the criteria. If the discount applies to all products, it will be available at the cart level. If any inclusions or exclusions are applied, the discount will only be available at the line item level. Keep in mind, you must assign a discount to a promotion that has a start date, days & times available, and location designated.

Q: Where do I add details to my exit and inventory labels?

A: If you need to add or remove anything from a label, you may do so by utilizing the Label Designer in the Administration module. This allows you to create your own custom Inventory, Product, or Compliance Exit Labels. By adding a new label template, you can customize and create your own labels complete with any details you may need.

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