POS - Inventory Management: Pricing Products

Pricing Products within the Cultivera POS Back Office

  • Products can be priced two ways: Flat Pricing or Tier Pricing.
  • Flat Pricing is primarily used for pre-packaged products.
  • Tier Pricing can be set up in the Administration module within the Price Model page. This option is primarily used for bulk flower pricing where a customer can purchase bulk products at a discounted price.

Changing/Updating Product Pricing

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Management module and Product page.
    1. The quickest and most efficient way to change/update product pricing is to Right Click on the product name to trigger the Action Menu, then Select "Adjust Price".
      1. Input the new price, then Select "Update".
    2. To Assign the product to a Price Model that has already been created in the Back Office, Check "Use Price Model", then Select the "Price Model" from the drop-down menu. Once complete, Select "Update" to save.
    3. To Assign the product to "Use Wholesale Price (Vendor Pricing)", Check the box, Enter the "Wholesale Price", then Select "Update" to save.
    4. If running multiple business locations, Assign a price change by location only by Inputting the new price, Check "Apply Specific Location (Override Product Price)", then Select "Update" to save.
    Products that are priced to a Specific Location will appear with a yellow asterisk (*) next to their price as shown below.

  1. Another way to change the price of a product is by Clicking on the product name within the Products page.
    1. Select the green "Edit" button.
    2. Here, you will see the same options as above. Select/Fill Out the preferred price change, then Select "Save".
    Congratulations! You now know how to update/change product pricing within the Cultivera Back Office!

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