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The Shift screen shows a list of open and closed shifts, including open/close dates, the total amount sold, and whether a shift had any cash discrepancies. You can generate your X-Report or Z-Report from here, depending upon whether the Shift is still open. A manager is also able to close a shift from the back office using the close button.

  1. Navigate to the Shifts page within your Store Management Module.
Utilize filters for shift numbers, devices, dates, and times.
  1. Open shifts will allow you to view X-Reports or close the shift to generate a Z-Report.
  1. Selecting a Shift Number will take you to the Shift Details page.
Shift Details will display the Status of the shift, the employee who opened the shift, the device the shift is open on, and the date/time the shift was opened. Employees can be prevented from opening shifts within the location tab of the administration settings.
  1. The Orders page can be found at the bottom of each Shift Details page lists transactions performed on that shift.
Users can view the Order Number, Employee, Payment Method, Customer Name, Order Status, Date, Discounts, and Total Amount of Transaction from the Shifts Detail page.
  1. The Activities page can also be found at the bottom of the Shift Details page.
Users can view employee names who performed each activity and the activity total such as opening amount, closing drop or transaction total.
Select the Edit button to change any of this information. For example, the user entered an incorrect value for starting cash or closing drop, or simply selected the wrong method of payment for a specific transaction.

Shift Management Summary

  • Shift Management allows you to oversee the operations of your business in a specified time frame on a specified device.
  • The Shifts page allows you to open shifts at the start of your business day, print cash handling reports, view customer transactions, and close shift at the end of your business day.

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