Terminal: Shift Management

Terminal: Shift Management

A Shift is considered one session of selling inventory.

To conduct sales, a shift must be started. Retail stores typically open and close shifts based on the working shifts of their employees.

Opening a shift involves recording the amount of cash in a drawer before sales begin.

Closing a shift involves recording the total amount of cash in a drawer when done conducting sales.

To manage shifts in the POS Terminal, navigate to the Cultivera POS login page.

Opening A Shift

The first thing a Manager will need to do is Open a Shift so their staff can begin making transactions.

To begin sales the terminal requires a manager to start a shift.
  1. Use your 4-digit pin to Log In at the terminal.
  2. Enter the Initial Amount of cash in the drawer.
  3. Select the Green Open button.
*Include all cash and coins in the drawer before any sales are conducted.*
screenshot of cultivera pos open shift amount
To ensure all sales and activities are tracked by employee, log out after each and every action or sale conducted at the terminal.

As sales are made throughout the shift, the system will record the amount of money collected. Reconciliation of money at the end of the shift should match the sales total plus the initial drawer amount. Returns and drawer transactions such as drops, payouts, or pay-ins will automatically be deducted.

The digital entry and the physical movement of cash must match to avoid discrepancies.

If you need to remove or add cash to a drawer without making a sale, it is important to record it in the system using one of the following methods:

  • Drop: Removing money that has been collected from sales, and will be counted towards a shift total. The most common example is when a cash drawer becomes too full and cash is moved elsewhere, such as to a "drop safe" with a timed lock. Some shops have a lower drop threshold for security purposes.
  • Pay Out: Cash that is removed from a drawer but not attached to a sale, subtracting it from a shift total. It may be advisable to keep a separate register for vendor payouts, if possible, for accounting purposes.
  • Pay In: Cash that is added to a drawer, not attached to a sale, to add to the shift total. Keeping additional documentation is a best practice.
screenshot of the cultivera pos shift report screen

Closing A Shift

  1. Select the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select Shifts.
  3. Click the red Close Shift button.
  4. Staff should count ALL the money in the physical drawer.
  5. Enter the final cash amount, including the initial opening amount. 
  6. Select Close.
Best practice is to print the Z report for this shift and attach to all cash collected from the shift.

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