Batches - Adjust Inventory

Adjusting Inventory

For various reasons you may need to change the quantity or weight of a Batch. Bulk flower, for example, can lose weight as it is curing so it may be necessary to reduce the number of grams in a large bulk package to account for this.

This can be done using the “Adjust Inventory” tool.

  1. Navigate to Inventory Management > Batches and find the Batch you need to adjust. 
  1. Click on the row the batch is located in to select it, then right-click on the row to show a menu of actions that can be performed on the batch.
  1. Select the "Adjust Inventory" option. 
  1. The dropdown list of reasons can vary from state to state. Select the reason for the adjustment and include an optional note if needed.  
  1. Enter the correct quantity or weight in the "Units in Stock" field and click "Adjust".
    You can also use the up or down arrows to make slight adjustments. All inventory adjustments are tracked in the Audit area of the Configuration module.

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