PRO Processing Rejected Orders And Returns (METRC)

Processing A Rejected Order/Return In Cultivera

This article is designed to help navigate processing order Rejections and Returns, as well as updating invoices in Cultivera for any line items that were rejected on an order.

Processing Rejected Packages on an Order

  1. The recipient of the order will need to "Reject" the intended packages in Metrc.
You cannot reject a partial quantity of a package; must reject the entire package.
  1. The rejected packages will need to be accepted back into your inventory in Metrc directly.
    1. Navigate to Metrc > Transfers > Rejected tab.
    2. Select "Receive".
    3. Receive the transfer with the rejected packages back into Metrc.

Once you have received the rejected packages, they will sync to Cultivera and will be available on the Inventory Management > Batches page.

cultivera pro screenshot of data sync page example
If you need to see your packages immediately you can select the "Sync" button on the top right of the Cultivera page and select "Sync All".
Updating an Invoice for Rejected Packages

If you need to update an invoice after an order has been sent due to rejected packages on the order, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Fulfillment > Transfer Outbound.
  2. Select the intended Transfer Outbound TSID to go to the Transfer Outbound Details page.
    cultivera pro outbound transfer screen
  3. Mark the order as Accepted or Rejected:
    1. If the order was partially accepted, select "Mark Accepted". Then Select the blue pencil icon next to the "Accepted Units" and "Price" to update each line to show the correct units/price accepted.
    2. If the order was entirely rejected, select "Mark Rejected". Then Select the blue pencil icon next to the "Accepted Units" and "Price" to update each line to show the correct units/price accepted.
      transfer outbound details page
  4. Navigate to Fulfillment > Orders, and click on the intended Order number.
  5. Select "Generate Invoice". A new invoice will be generated to reflect the updates made on the Transfer Outbound details page.
    example invoice in cultivera pro

Processing a Return in Cultivera

If a package is Accepted by a recipient, and then intended to be Returned, this would be handled as a normal Transfer in Metrc.

  1. The recipient will need to create a Licensed Transfer manifest back to the originating license.
  2. Then, you will need to Receive the returned package(s) back into Metrc.
  3. Once received in Metrc, the packages will sync to Cultivera.

If you would like to update the invoice for the order the package was originally sent on, please follow the steps outlined above, under "Updating an Invoice for Rejected Packages".

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