Notifications - Working With Email Notifications

Working With Email Notifications in Cultivera PRO

The Notifications section of the Configuration module allows users to receive email alerts rather than internal system notifications. These can be set for anyone with an email address who is not necessarily a Cultivera user. These notifications can be triggered when orders are placed, for incoming or outgoing transfers, or even informing your customers of progress on an order.

  1. To begin, click + Add New Subscriber”. The next screen will ask you for a First and Last Name and an email address for the intended recipient.
  2. Enter the information and click “Save”. You will then see the new subscriber’s name on the main Notifications page.
  1. Click on a name to see the list of “events” that can be subscribed to.
  2. Clicking single checkboxes will subscribe to individual events, while clicking “Subscribe/Unsubscribe from group” lets you select or deselect an entire section at once.
    When checked, an email will be sent to the user for the corresponding event(s). Be careful not to subscribe to too many events or the recipient’s Inbox may become full of notifications and they may become less impactful.

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