Plants - Selecting A Group Of Plants

Selecting A Group Of Plants In The Grow Module

It is useful to be able to select a group of plants in order to perform certain commands on them all at once. Once selected you can Promote, Move, Destroy, or Harvest the plants, as well as make them into Mothers or print Plant Tags.

You can multi-select plants on the Plants screen within the Grow module in a variety of ways.

Here are four ways to select groups of plants.

  1. Check the boxes next to the plant numbers, adjacent or not, by clicking each box.
  1. Click and drag your mouse to select an adjacent range of plants. 
  1. Hold “Ctrl” on your keyboard or (“command” if you’re on an Apple computer) and click any assortment of rows to select them. This is most useful when selecting non-adjacent rows.
  1. Click a row so that it highlights in blue, then scroll down and hold “Shift” on your keyboard while clicking the last row in the desired list.

Once you’ve selected the group of plants you want to work with, click the toolbar button of your choice. Many commands can also be accessed by right-clicking the selected area.

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