Grow: Plant Promotion (CA) (METRC)

Plant Promotion in the Grow Module

"Plant Promotion" is when a plant is moved from one growth phase to the next, or when a plant(s) is ready to be Harvested.

Once a plant(s) has been transplanted into a Grow Cycle from Immature Plants, it will appear in the Plants tab in the Flowering state.

To promote a plant, begin in the Cultivera Grow Module.

Navigate to Grow > Plants

To Promote plants to "Ready for Harvest", select the intended plant(s) and Click on “Promote”.

screenshot of cultivera pro grow module plants page

To Harvest your plants, Click “Promote” and Select "Ready for Harvest".

Plants cannot be selected to Harvest if they are not promoted to the "Ready for Harvest" stage.
plant promotion screenshot

Please see our article Grow: Harvest (Entering Wet Weights) to see the next steps for harvesting plants within Cultivera.

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