Receipt Printer: Bluetooth Connection: Star mC-Print3

Troubleshooting the Star mC-Print3 Receipt Printer

To setup your Receipt Printer, Follow desired configurations in the Setup Manual.

Hardware support is available from the manufacturer.

To connect with Bluetooth, follow these steps.

  1. Once assembled; Turn the printer off
  2. Hold the Feed button and Power on to produce a self print test and a QR code to scan, to download the mC-Print Utility App.
  3. Tablet: Scan the code > Download app.
    1. Settings > Bluetooth > Turn Bluetooth On.
    2. Leave the tablet on the Bluetooth screen
  4. Printer: Turn off printer.
    1. Press and Hold the Reset button on back of printer and the Power button at same time. The network icon will flash green when powering on.
    2. Press Paper Feed button to switch to the Bluetooth icon (will be lit blue).
  5. Tablet: Printer will appear in list of Devices ready to be paired > Select your printer.
POS BackOffice will require the correct printer setting.
To configure your Receipt Printer in Cultivera POS:
  1. Log in to Cultivera Back office
  2. Navigate to Administration > Locations
  3. Select desired Location > Receipt Configuration > mC-Print3 > Bluetooth
  4. Open POS app > Login > Settings > Hardware test > Print Receipt

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