Sales: Looking Up Past Orders

Looking Up a Past Order at the Cultivera POS Terminal

Details on past order transactions are saved in the Cultivera POS system.

Follow the steps below to look up past orders at the Terminal:

  1. Navigate to the Home screen by Selecting the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left corner.
    1. Select "Orders".
  2. Input the Order Number for the order you are looking for, then Select the "Magnifying Glass" icon to search.
You must press the "Magnifying Glass" icon to initiate an online order search of the Back Office. Orders are stored locally on the device they are processed on, but a search must be performed to access non-local orders.
  1. Once the order populates, Select “More”, located on the right side of the order details in the blue box.
You may also initiate a Return from this page by Selecting the red "Return" button.
Scanning the order receipt at the home page of the terminal will also populate order details to process a return.
  1. On the Order Details page, you will find the customer's name, the employee who completed the order, the date and time the order was completed, product(s) purchased, and the Transaction Total Breakdown.
    The following can also be performed on this page:
    1. A Return can be initiated by Selecting the red "Return" button.
    2. Print or Email an additional receipt for the order by Selecting "Print Receipt" or "Email Receipt".
    3. Lookup any Order Notes associated with the order by Selecting the "Notes" button.
    4. Add a Note to the order by Selecting "Add Notes".
  2. Congratulations! You now know how to look up past orders at the Cultivera POS Terminal!

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