Sales: Conducting Transactions

Conducting Sales Transactions in Cultivera POS

Conducting a transaction is the process of making a sale at a POS terminal. Here are the steps involved in making a sale at your terminal within the POS system.

Start at the Cultivera POS terminal Home screen.

  1. Begin by finding your customer's information. You can either search for a customer by phone number to bring up their account, or you can do a guest transaction by validating the customer’s ID.
  2. Select the magnifying glass icon to search for a product.
To get updated available quantities at any time, click the “refresh” option next to an item’s quantity.
  1. From here you can either Search by Barcode or by Product.
  2. Once you’ve found the desired product, Click on the “Add” button.

Back on the home screen, you will see your item added to the cart.

  1. From here, repeat this process for each product to build your cart.
  2. Select the pencil icon beside any line item to make adjustments to quantity, unit price, or total discount, if needed.

You can also apply a full cart discount using the pencil icon in the Discount section of the side menu.

You can also apply a discount to all items in the cart by using the pencil next to the “Discount” field under Total.
  1. Once you have all desired items added to the cart, Select “Checkout” to start the checkout process.
  2. Enter the amount paid by the customer.
  3. Select “COMPLETE ORDER”.
  4. The customer will then select from the options for the receipt:
    1. Email Receipt,
    2. Print Receipt,
    3. or No Receipt.

Once the customer selects the receipt delivery method and has received their receipt and product, the transaction is complete.

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