Sales - Applying Charges/Credits to an Order

Adding Charges/Credits To An Order

Use this workflow to add various non-cannabis related charges (such as delivery, service, and/or flat fees) to a submitted order.

Adding Charges: 

  1. Navigate to Sales > Orders > Order Details.
  2. Select the "Apply Charge" link: 
  3.  Select the charge type, unit price, and unit quantity (as applicable), include an optional description
  4. Click "Submit".

The charge will be displayed under the “Total” on the Order Details page.

Additionally, the non-cannabis charges will be displayed under "Charges" near the bottom of the customer's invoice once the invoice document is generated on the Fulfillment > Order Details page.

Adding Credits:

  1. Navigate to Sales > Orders > Order Details.
  2. Select Apply Credit
  1. Enter the “Credit Amount
  2. Select Add Credit

You will then be able to see the Credit applied to the order on the Sales > Order > Order Details page and on the Invoice document that is generated for the order.

Note: Charges (and Credits) applied to an order will not carry over to the invoice to QuickBooks Online and will need to be manually applied to an Invoice in QBO once exported from Cultivera.

Tip: If an order has already been Released and changes need to be made to the Invoice, you can navigate to Fulfillment > Transfer Outbound and click on the TSID of the order in question to view the Transfer Outbound Details page. From here you can “Mark Accepted” or “Mark Rejected” and then update the line totals accordingly. Be sure to navigate back to the Fulfillment > Order Details page to regenerate the Invoice.

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