Sales - Updating Label Barcode Preference

Updating Account's Label Barcode Preference

At times, you may have a purchaser ask you to update their label barcodes for scanability reasons. You can follow the workflow below to Update the Label Barcode Preference of a Client in Cultivera. 

  1. Navigate to Sales > Accounts.
    You can toggle to “All Accounts” in the right corner to view all licenses
  1. Filter for the Account whose Label Barcode Preference you intend to update, then click the Name of the Account:
  1. On the Account Overview page, click the "Update Client Info" button:
  1. Click on the "Delivery Preferences" tab of the Update Client Info page, then select a "Label Barcode Preference":
Note on "QR Code" setting:
Please note that many clients have switched to using QR codes instead of barcodes because of widespread scanning issues. This has eliminated all scannability issues for these clients, as QR codes are much easier to scan at smaller sizes.

If you would like to begin testing and implementing QR code compatibility, please send a request to; modifications to your templates must be made in order for the "QR Code" setting to be functional.
  1. Once you have changed the "Label Barcode Preference" to the intended setting, press the "Update" button to save your selection. 
This updated setting will affect any further label generation. You will need to navigate back to Fulfillment > Orders > Order Details to regenerate labels as needed after updating this preference. 

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