QA Result - Updating Procurement Farm Information

Updating Procurement Farm Information

A Procurement Farm is the farm from which a bulk product was originally procured. Follow this workflow to update Procurement Farm information for a QA Result and associated inventories.

  1. If you are trying to add or edit the Procurement Farm displayed on a label, you will first want to find the QA Parent of the batch represented by that label's barcode. 
An inventory's QA Parent can be found on an Order's Packaging List, pictured below.

Packaging Lists can be found in the Fulfillment module within the sales order where you generate documents such as Purchase Order, Picklist, Manifest, Invoice and The Labels / Packaging List.
You can also find the QA Parent of a batch on its associated Batch Detail page:
  1. Once you have found the QA Parent, Navigate to the QA Results page (from either the Grow or Inventory Management modules). Then use the "Search by QA Lot" filter to find the QA Parent barcode that is attached to the QA Results: 
  1. Once you've found the appropriate QA Result (using the barcode of the QA Parent), right-click and choose "Set Farm Info".
  2. Search for the procurement farm by Name or License number, then select your choice to populate the Farm input field.
  3. Once you have entered the Procurement Farm(s) info, click the "Save" button to complete the update.
    The "Farm Information" of the QA Result will be updated but any labels you've created will need to be regenerated in order to have the updated information populated on them.
    Note: You can also edit the "Date of Harvest", "Date of Manufacture", and "Pesticides" fields here before Saving changes.
  4. You can see the updated farm information visible in the Farm Information column.
    Note: Farm Information is not a sortable column.

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